April wrap-up

Spring has sprung (at least here in Denmark!). It brings brighter days outside and within Reshape.

In this new format, we try to wrap up everything Reshape for you in an easily digestible format. In this month, we were excited to share our new Projects feature. We also made improvements to turbocharge our software, plus we made some significant improvements to our robots.

🎉 Feature Releases

  • Finally we were able to unveil something we’ve been working on for a while; a net little feature called Projects. Projects help you organize jobs into projects. It makes it easier to navigate and find relevant data and analysis. Read more here.

Hardware & firmware updates

  • Launched back in February but was missed by many – why it deserves an extra honorary mention: We have implemented color patterns on the robots’ door lights to indicate the robot’s status. This way you won’t have to interrupt the robot if it’s running a job. See what the colors mean here.

  • Another slightly older update, that deserves an honorary mention: We have significantly improved the image quality of both RFP and GFP images by eliminating background noise.

  • The color calibration of robots has been significantly improved, resulting in much-improved color reproduction.

  • Robots are now additionally being calibrated for perspective effect, to correct for any misalignments like shapes, centering, and physical size calibration, i.e. area/size of object in the image.

Software updates

  • We’ve restructured and cleaned up the backend of our product. We won’t bore you with the details but the outcome is interesting; Reshape Discovery (our web app) now loads much faster and will only keep improving.

  • We’ve added loading spinners on images when the system is fetching your job images.

That’s all! Here's to more sunshine and progress all around!