A beautiful new Dashboard

Starting from today, when you log in you will find yourself in the 'Home' part of the menu. Here you will see the brand-new Dashboard designed to give you an instant overview of jobs and bots.

The new Dashboard includes:

  • Running Jobs Overview: Immediately see how many of your robots are in action, along with the number of hours they've been working. This helps you understand your platform's utilization at a glance.

  • Recent Jobs Quick-View: No need to sift through lists anymore. See the status of your most recent jobs right from the dashboard, making it easier to track progress.

  • Active Robots Status: Get a clear view of what each of your robots is up to—whether they're offline, idle, or busy with tasks. It's all about making your next steps clearer and more intuitive.

Happy exploring, and as always, we're here to support your discoveries every step of the way!